Raziya Memarain is an employee at Belko Industries introduced in the movie, The Belko Experiment.

Raziya Memarain
Vital statistics
Position Employee
Age 20's - 30's
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The Belko Experiment Edit

Raziya first appears walking across her office, disgusted by the men trying to flirt with her. Raziya is also seen downstairs when people's heads start exploding. Raziya is also later seen downstairs during the executions. When the lights go out, Raziya is seen running with the rest of the crowd upstairs. She tries to get through a door, but it seems to be locked as she starts banging on it to open. Eventually it opens and she gets through. Raziya appears for the final time confronting Barry Norris, trying to convince him to let her live. Barry gives her a hug, but then twists her head 180 degrees backwards, killing her.

Raziya Memarain is the 68th employee dead.