"We just get our lives threatened, and your here smoking pot?!"

Leota Hyneck is a regular employee at Belko Industries. She is introduced in the movie The Belko Experiment.

The Belko Experiment Edit

Leota is first seen pretending to do work while the new girl Dany Wilkins is handed a stack of papers. Roberto asks Leota to introduce herself to Dany, but Leota claims she already has. Leota is downstairs during COO Barry Norris's speech. Later, she, Dany and Keith go to the rooftop to find Marty and two of his friends smoking pot. Leota is frustrated that they're lives were threatened and he was there smoking. Leota looks over the roof and sees a security guard. She, along with Dany and Keith, try to get his attention, but the guard looks away, ignoring them. As Marty and Keith get into a fight while Leota watches, one of Marty's friends gets their head blown up from the inside. The group is terrified and run downstairs. Leota is presumably found and forced downstairs, where she watches the alpha workers executing people to satisfy the voice. When Dany cuts out the power, we cannot see her, but it is presumed Leota ran with the group away from the alpha males. When the light come back on, the voice tells them they failed to reach their goal and 31 additional heads will be blown out. As heads explode left and right, Leota tries running upstairs, but hears the screaming and massacre. Blood starts to drop on her forehead, but as she looks up to see what is dripping with blood, Leota's head is blown out.

Leota Hyneck is the 58th employee dead.