Budd is the head matince worker at the Belko facility in Columbia. He was portrayed by Michael Rooker.

Before the experiment Edit

Before the experiment, Budd worked at the Belko facility in Columbia for about a year as a matince worker. He also befriended fellow matince worker, Lonny. Budd alongside all 79 other employees had a what they thought was a tracker implanted in their brain. However unbeknowst to them the tracker was actually a bomb.

Phase 1 Edit

One day Budd and 79 other employees arrived at work as normal. However that day there were some noticable changes that day including, two heavily armed guards that search him and the other employees. However beside that, everything seemed normal until dozens of thick metal sheets suddenly covers the window prevent the employees from leaving and a voice over the intercom announces the start of phase 1 of the experiment and that in it, the employees would have to kill 2 people or else in 30 minuets, 4 people will die. At first everyone including Budd thinks that it’s a joke. To mock it, Budd pretends to choke Lonny. A few minutes later Budd and Lonney alongside all 78 other employees gather up in the lobby. While there, fellow employee Mike asks Budd if he could cut through the sheets, Budd tries to do so with a blowtorch however the attempt is futile. A shortwhile later, 4 employees head are blown up much to the shock of everyone including Budd. Budd and Lonny then returns to the basement to see if they could turn the air condioning back on.

Phase 2 Edit

While in middle of turning the air conditioning back on, the Voice then returns and says that in 2 hours the 76 remaining employees would have to kill 30 people or else 60 more people will die. After the phase 2 starts, Budd tries to comfort Lonny. However out of nowhere, Lonny freaks out and bashed Budd in the head with a wrench. Confused on what happened, Budd questioned on what just happened and falls to the ground dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Budd is the fifth person to die and the first to be murdered.